Please be advised for reasons of safety and the comfort of the other guests, we do not allow more than the registered number of guests per room.  If you exceed the registered allocation, you may be denied entrance to the inn


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The Suite at Deer Creek
Now we have a special treat for you... when we combine the Ida and Winifred Rooms through their connecting doors, we have a beautiful suite that we lovingly call "The Suite at Deer Creek".  All this and at a much reduced price of the rooms individually.
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The Suite at Deer Creek

As mentioned above, we have the ability to combine both the IDA and WINIFRED rooms together to form a wonderful two room suite.  This works especially well for a small family, two couples or friends traveling together.  Each room has its own bed, private bath and even a separate entrance. When the connecting doors are shut, there is complete privacy.  However, both have the ability to share the  combined amenities such as the clawfoot tub and separate showers, or the large veranda through the french doors from the Winifred Room and of course the warmth of visiting with that special person, good friends or family. 

It is a great way to maintain  privacy while still having access to those you want to be with.  Sipping wine and enjoying the company on a private balcony overlooking the gardens and creek certainly sounds like a pleasurable experience especially at this very romantic bed and breakfast.

Now lets talk about the really good stuff.... PRICE........
  When two couples, a group of friends or a family rents the Suite, we offer a considerable discount per day off the combined price of both rooms.  After a couple of days, this can add up to significant savings.
If you really want to pamper yourself and feel like taking that next step into luxury, then the Deer Creek Inn Suite is for you and that very special person.. 
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