116 Nevada Street, Nevada City, CA 95959 

The Lela & Sheryl Rooms
As we continue through the upstairs rooms of the Deer Creek Inn, we find two additionally exquisite rooms that are beautiful yet unique.  Let us show them to you.
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The Lela Room

 This room we call Lela is as bright and cheerful as sunshine itself.  The pale yellow with blue accents is both soothing and relaxing.  Speaking of relaxing, the clawfoot tub and shower nestled in an alcove behind sheer curtains are an added bonus.  To those who want to step back in time and think of nothing more than how wonderful a walk through the gardens will be, this room will take you to that place in your mind and make it a reality.  The cozy sitting area is perfect for reading a good book or just watching the flat screen TV.  An extra large queen sized bed and soft lighting completes its soothing flavor.   

The Sheryl Room

The Sheryl Room is by far the most enticing room in the upper level of the house.  Here we have gone outside the box and brought in the Asian influence that was very prevelant during the Victorian era.  From the dramatic drapery arrangement in the cozy seating area of the Queen Anne window to the King bed that beckons your nightly call.  The large private balcony that overlooks the gardens and creek as well as Nevada City is the perfect place when you simply do not want to do ANYTHING.  The clawfoot tub is nestled in a marble bathroom that is as elegant as it is soothing. The flat screen TV is located along side an intricate bamboo tapestry

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Please be advised for reasons of safety and the comfort of the other guests, we do not allow more than the registered number of guests per room.  If you exceed the registered allocation, you may be denied entrance to the inn